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Since 1956, Replica IWC Pilot has been unmistakable symbol of masculinity, power, and coolness. Let us remind you about Marilyn and Jack if you are in doubt.

The day-of the-week wheel is a legend in Rolex Day-Date. It sits at 12 o'clock and can speak 26 languages. French is my favorite language to read the days of the week. It's not just that I am familiar with the Gallic language (and love Gerard Depardieu films), but also because it connects us to the origins of these names.

The Roman Empire replaced the eight-day nundinal calendar with a pattern similar to that of the Etruscans, who used a seven-day weekly cycle. The days of the weeks were named after the planets according to Hellenistic astronomy: Sun, Moon and Mars. Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn. The French language, which is Latin based, clearly shows the connection between these planets and the Greek/Roman deities: lundi (in French the moon is called lune), and mardi, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Only Sunday is different,Replica IWC Pilot as it is derived from the Latin phrase dieds Solis, meaning Lord's Day.

The Language of the Gods

The Old English names for the days of week, on the other hand, are derived from the Interpretatio Germanica or German interpretation of Roman system. This German interpretation arrived in 200 AD, and it influenced Old English. Old English is a western Germanic language. Sunnandaeg is the Latin equivalent of dies Solis, which translates to Sunday.Chopard Replica Frigedaeg is the Anglo-Saxon day of Frigg. Frigg's Star is Norse for Venus, which is why there is a connection to the Roman system.

Rolex in different languages

No matter which language you select for your Replica IWC Pilot, the watch will still identify you, as Mick Jagger described it, as "a man with wealth and taste". The name of this model comes from the simultaneous display of a day of the month and date at 3 o'clock. This is done through an aperture located at 12 o'clock.

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